Pricing, Payment Methods & Promotions


All prices displayed exclude delivery charges and VAT (applicable to UK deliveries) and will be added to the cost of the items during
check out.

Payment Methods

We accept PayPal and the majority of credit / debit cards as payment methods.

Savings on your purchase by using Coupon Codes

Coupon codes may be made available to you by us from time to time. Each Coupon will explain the saving, how it works and is activated by entering codes into the checkout section of the website towards the end of your shop.

Each Coupon entitles you to a percentage discount off your total shop (excluding shipping). The Coupon will state the percentage that will be deducted from your bill, how much you need to spend in order to get discount (if applicable) and the Coupon expiry date.

Remember you must follow the instructions on the Coupon. If you get it wrong you will receive an automatic message telling you which error has occurred. If you get an error message please check the Coupon instructions and try again.

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